Carlisle Bus


Carlisle Bus Group was set up in September 2012 by seven like-minded individuals who shared a common interest in the local bus industry in Cumbria. The goal was to secure the future of Alexander bodied Leyland Olympian F805FAO, which had been part of the Stagecoach Cumberland fleet since 1988.

Sharing a common interest in the bus industry, together with the passion to secure the future of 1005, our members come from a variety of different backgrounds in terms of knowledge and expertise. Many of us work for transport companies around the county, from driving buses and trains, to looking after the company we work for from the offices and commercial operations.

Some of our members decided on a career in the bus industry because of their keen interest in public transport at a hobbyist level, so this enthusiasm from an early age has driven passion into preserving 1005 for generations to come. Whereas those who did not have such interest when they started out, their career has ignited the spirit of wanting to save the vehicles which we see and work on day in and day out. We also have members on board who have got involved with the group through friends of the hobby.

Together with our enthusiasm and diverse knowledge, we are committed to maintaining 1005 for years to come. 



Alexander bodied Leyland Olympian F805FAO was bought new by Stagecoach Cumberland in October 1988 for services in Carlisle.

Part of a batch of nine, our bus was given the fleet number 1005 when new. Notably, the vehicle was one of the first double-deckers bought by Cumberland under Stagecoach ownership. Later renumbered to 14245, the vehicle spent all of it's life in Cumbria operating out of Carlisle, Lillyhall, Barrow and finally Kendal, where it was withdrawn during 2012.



Since its withdrawal from public service in 2012, our preservation group have been in the process of transforming 1005.

Though the bus was given to us direct from Stagecoach in a serviceable condition, there were aspects of 1005 that had been altered over the years as part of its general upkeep for public stage carriage work. Likewise, at the grand age of twenty-four when we acquired it, there were areas which have naturally deteriorated with age, all of which were to be included in our restoration program.



We love showing off our bus. Whether it be here at home in Cumbria or up and down the country, we want people to enjoy and reminisce over 1005.

Our group look to attend as many events as possible so that people can admire 1005. Most of our outings happen during the summer months, and whether it be at a vehicle running day with the opportunity to ride 1005, or a static display line-up for photographers to snapshot and admire, we want to all to love our Carlisle Bus.